Case Study Refrigeration Plant for Metal Treatments

Water Refrigeration Plant for Aluminum Treatments

A complete, high-performance water chilling plant: that was the need of a company in the Brescia area active in the processing of semi-finished metal products. Frigofluid supplied three chillers, a dry cooler and the complete installation by drawing on its expertise in the sector and exploiting group synergies. One plus: energy efficiency.

  • Turnkey Plant
  • Refrigeration and cooling for metal treatments
  • Fluid: water and glycol
Brescian metal treatment company
Lombardy, Italy
Interlocutor type
End customer
Application field
Aluminum anodizing and surface treatments
Story in a nutshell
Company specializing in oxidation treatments, sandblasting, brushing and polishing of aluminum in industrial finishes in various fields.
List of customer requirements
Turnkey refrigeration system: from the supply of chillers combined with Frigofluid dry coolers to increase energy efficiency to the installation of a new hydraulic distribution system.
Output fluid and temperature
Water/glycol 7°C
Ambient air
Max 35°C
Required powers
1,4 MW
Required consumptions
Water chilling plant for aluminum treatments
Technologies supplied
No. 2 oil chillers RWE 730/4 ax-ST
No. 1 chiller RWE 600/4 ax-ST
No. 1 dry cooler RAW 540/E
Key to Success
Fornitura di un impianto completo, sistemi ad alta efficienza energetica.

Turnkey water chilling plant for aluminum treatments: needs and solution

Refrigeration systems for the metal oxidative treatment industry often have to meet a peculiar requirement: very low output temperatures. This was no exception to a metal treatment company in the Brescia area, which was served with a true turnkey water chiller system.

Chillers were supplied in conjunction with Frigofluid dry coolers: this is because production lines of the same company may be served by different machinery, with different output temperatures. In this case, the line served by two chillers gives fluid output temperatures (water and glycol) of 7°C.

Some technical notes on the industrial chillers supplied: these are two RWE 730/4 ax-ST chillers, equipped with cooling capacity of about 700 kW and four refrigerant gas circuits (R410A, efficient and very safe). Finally, a hydraulic distribution system, nstalled on site with supervision by Frigofluid personnel, is also part of the supply.

A plus of the plant: high energy efficiency, enabled especially by the use of machinery with different technical-functional characteristics depending on the process line supported.

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