Custom Industrial Chillers and Turnkey Installations

Production facilities and the characteristic of the installation area also have important effects on the design: because one cannot stop at the listed solutions. Custom industrial refrigeration systems are increasingly demanded by customers, along with true integrated systems consisting of chiller, cooler, exchanger, and other auxiliary equipment and services. We can provide you with both because of our tradition of custom design and participation in MITA Group.

The need for customised industrial chillers and a single point of contact

It is rare that a customer needs exactly the technical solution proposed in the catalog: the specifics of existing plant structures involving industrial chillers and coolers must always be taken into account.

A further case, more frequent than one would think, is the need to install complementary equipment and accessories: e.g. heat exchangers, modular skids, secondary coolers.

The answer to these needs? The willingness to design customised chillers and a single point of contact to integrate all subcontracting of auxiliary parts.

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Refrigeration Solutions for Project Engineers
ERW ax HT Industrial Liquid Chiller

Frigofluid's custom industrial chillers

We are always fully available to devise and implement customized refrigeration and cooling systems that conform to the technical and performance requirements and needs. This is also thanks to listening to specific needs. We then directly take care of all phases: from feasibility study to conception, from design to production.

In this we take advantage of a component selection and design process using unified software: a program that unifies all the individual supplier selection software, immediately obtaining an overview of the internal parts of the system and their interactions, including thermodynamic ones.

Turnkey refrigeration systems and a Group behind them

We are at the advanced level of customization.

We can support the customer not only in the selection and design of customized industrial chillers. But also in the integration with auxiliary machines and accessory components that may be needed for the system.

All this is thanks to the selection over time of reliable partners and participation in the MITA Group: an international group of 150 people capable of designing, manufacturing and marketing industrial and civil cooling, refrigeration and wastewater treatment systems.

Turnkey Refrigeration System
Condensation Control Industrial Chillers

Refrigeration systems and integrated services: a list of needs

Here are some examples of refrigeration and cooling solutions and services that we can provide as your single point of contact for heat removal in your production processes.

  • Frigofluid chillers
  • Auxiliary coolers (dry coolers and adiabatic dry coolers) from Frigofluid and MITA Cooling Techonologies
  • Inertial tank (selected subcontractor)
  • Control panels and industry 4.0 (subcontractor selected)
  • Modular process skids
  • Hydraulic connections (Piping), hydraulic automations, valve systems and pump block kits
  • Obsolete machinery handling services and installation of new systems
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