Air Cooling: Dry Cooler

Zero water and ease of use

Is water a serious concern for your plant? Then air cooling is the technical solution you need. Moreover, the low acquisition cost of an air cooler (or dry cooler) and the possibility to monitor its performance in an Industry 4.0 perspective are often appreciated by industries.

Requirement: water saving

We cannot hide it: water is often a critical resource for many plants, especially those located in dry areas of the planet. Often plant managers therefore find themselves, rightly, evaluating the resources used as one of the main factors in acquiring a cooling system.

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RAW-E Industrial Dry Cooler

Solution: Dry Cooler

When water is simply not available, there is one technical solution: the dry cooler, or air cooler.

This is an extremely simple operating system that draws in air from outside, via the fan-motor unit, and conveys it to the internal coils (in which the fluid to be cooled circulates). The output temperatures cannot of course be lower than those of the outside environment, but the peculiarities of its use and the relatively low acquisition cost often make it the system of choice for many users.

The extra gear: remote control

Performance and correct functioning of the machinery can be monitored more easily if the supplier provides the possibility of remote data reading, in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

In addition, the efficiency of the system is also preserved by the use of high quality materials: a plus to be requested from the manufacturer.

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Many interlocutors come to us with a very general idea of their industrial refrigeration needs: this is normal. That's why we stimulate the sharing of technical information.

Customized Design

We believe that integration with the best accessories on the market and the careful and 'unified' selection of internal components can make the difference.

Custom Chillers and Turnkey Plants

Production facilities and the characteristic of the installation area also have important effects on the design: because one cannot stop at the listed solutions.