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Your industrial refrigeration project from a unique partner

Do you need industrial refrigerators for process fluids or dry coolers? Or a complete turnkey refrigeration plant with accessories and auxiliary machines? Contact us, to discuss your production processes and refrigeration needs: we will be happy to design the best solution for your requirement.


Your industrial turnkey refrigeration project

From a single chiller to a turnkey system, from a list system to custom chillers, through pre- and after-sales services: whatever your need, you will appreciate the input of a single interlocutor who can listen to your needs and think of the best solution together with you. We wish to be that special interlocutor for you.

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Frigofluid Industrial Refrigeration
MITA Group Cooling Refrigeration and Water Treatment

MITA Group

Turnkey solutions for refrigeration, cooling, water treatment

Frigofluid is part of the MITA Group and can provide you with a very diverse range of technologies, together with truly integrated heat disposal and industrial water management systems. Want a complete solution for your plant? We'll take care of it.

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Certified Industrial Refrigeration Company

Safety with FGases, energy efficiency and performance according to the latest innovations in the industry (such as Industry 4.0), quality processes: these are frequent demands that an industrial refrigeration company must assure its customers. We have chosen to provide these guarantees through internationally recognised third-party bodies.

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Frigofluid Industrial Refrigeration
Countries of installation Frigofluid Industrial Chillers

Countries of installation

Frigofluid refrigeration and cooling systems in the world

A map of our installations around the world. We can respond to orders in Europe and other continents, in part because of our participation in MITA Group: an international team of experts in cooling, refrigeration and water treatment technologies. Ask us for more information about your project.

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Work with us: Commercial Engineers and Technicians

Your enthusiasm can make a difference

We are growing as a company and as a solution provider for our clients, so we are looking for engineers and sales technicians with a desire to grow professionally. Are you a mechanical, energy or environmental engineer? We are looking for your talent and passion, get in touch with us!

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Work with Us in Industrial Refrigeration

Frigofluid at a glance

We have been manufacturing industrial chillers and other temperature control systems since 1995, thanks to the long experience of our founding partners.

We design, manufacture and market:

  • Turnkey refrigeration systems
  • Industrial chillers and customised chillers
  • Industrial dry coolers and adiabatic chillers
  • Temperature controllers

Since 2019 we have been part of the MITA Group, an international team of experts in cooling, refrigeration, industrial and civil water treatment. These are the other companies in the Group from which you can request solutions and services:

  • MITA Cooling Technologies
  • TORRAVAL Cooling
  • Frigofluid
  • MITA Water Technologies
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