Industrial Refrigeration for Automotive Sector

Chillers for the Automotive Sector

Different production lines, different types of cooling: chillers for the automotive sector must be designed for the most heterogeneous fluid outlet temperatures (water, water and glycol). Some equipment to which they can be integrated: lasers, machine tools for mechanical components, extruders or presses. The plus of temperature control to the tenth of a degree: real optimisation of internal processes.

Examples of industries:

Examples of industries: car manufacturers, car components and aftermarket, machine tools for car production.

Main requirements:

Main requirements: different fluid outlet temperatures depending on the individual production line, high temperature differences.

Automotive Chillers: at a glance

The manufacture of each car follows a concatenation of processes, each of which may require different types of cooling and, consequently, different types of chillers for the automotive sector.

Some examples: temperature control of machine tools/lasers and thermostatting of paint baths.

Precise temperature control is not an insignificant factor in the optimisation of internal processes: it increases hourly productivity and the life cycle of machine tools themselves, but above all reduces the percentage of product defects and the danger of downtime.

That said, here are some examples of chillers for the automotive sector:

  • Liquid chillers for lasers: the fine temperature regulation system using hot gas combined with the generous dimensions of the tank on board the machine allow regulation precision down to +-0.5 °C.
  • Liquid chillers for machine tools: cooling of mechanical components, cutting fluids and hydraulic fluids allows machine tools to work at high speed, accurately and repeatably, increasing tool life and helping to stabilise finished part dimensions.
  • Liquid chillers with integrated free cooling dedicated to cooling extruders or injection moulding machines: they are characterised by high head pumps to overcome pressure drops in mould cooling channels. In addition, they can operate with high temperature differences.
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