Industrial Refrigeration for Plastics and Rubber

Industrial Chillers for Plastics and Rubber

Plastics processing is a heterogeneous sector. Frigofluid’s industrial chillers for plastic and rubber are appreciated in this sector for their reliability and precision. Customers can also request turnkey refrigeration systems complete with refrigeration unit, secondary coolers and other accessories.

Examples of industries:

Examples of industries: plastics processing, moulding, moulding, extrusion, rubber processing, mixers and moulding presses.

Main requirements:

Main requirements: heat dissipation with different operating temperatures, hydraulic circuit types and cooling water operating pressures.

Industrial chillers for plastics and rubber: at a glance

Here are some of the activities in plastics processing that require heat dissipation by means of industrial chillers:

  • injection or rotation moulding,
  • blow moulding,
  • extrusion,
  • thermoforming.

The utilities requiring refrigeration, cooling or even temperature control are therefore of a different nature depending on the type of department. Therefore, heat management systems can be identified in the following components

  • the mould (steel or aluminium),
  • the water/oil heat exchanger,
  • the calender or cylinder.

The main differences that distinguish the application of refrigeration to the above-mentioned activities therefore concern the operating temperatures, the type of hydraulic circuit and the operating pressures of the cooling water.

Finally, refrigeration for rubber is mainly applied in the closed circuit cooling of moulding presses.

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