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Manufacturing Brand chooses Frigofluid Turnkey Refrigeration Systems

Different refrigeration and cooling systems can support different production lines in the same company. This is particularly true for a plastics design company in Lombardy, to which Frigofluid supplied a complete turnkey system: chillers, coolers, temperature controllers, accessories and installation services.

  • Historical design brand of plastic accessories
  • Supply of a complete refrigeration system
  • Support in mould and oil circuit refrigeration
Manufacturer of plastic containers
Lombardy, Italy
Interlocutor type
End customer
Application field
Plastic containers
Story in a nutshell
For 70 years, Frigofluid's customer has held large shares of the market for food containers, cooler bags and portable refrigerators. Great attention is paid to product design.
List of customer requirements
Closed-circuit cooling of plastic molding presses; chiller condensation for presses.
Output fluid and temperature
Water +13° C (mould circuit)
Water/glycol +32°C (oil circuit)
Ambient air
Max +40°C
Required powers
260 kWf (mold circuit)
380 kWf (oil circuit)
Technologies supplied
Mold circuit:
- No. 1 chiller RWE 408/4 ax-ST 400/3/50
- Storage tank
- Pumping unit
- Plant parameter management and communication accessories

Oil circuit:
- No. 1 adiabatic cooler PAD-V S 3/4 Q
- Pumping group
- Hydraulic accessories
- Serial communication accessories

Mold temperature control
- Temperature Controllers FTT09-110DC-pm
- FTT09-090PD-pm temperature controllers
- FT12-110DC-pm temperature controllers
- Pilot chiller until new systems are delivered
- Water treatment
- Waste water disposal
- Decommissioning old chillers
Key to Success
A complete plant with main components and accessories according to the customer's process requirements. Services and a single point of contact throughout the plant's updating.

Turnkey refrigeration for a historic design brand

From the refrigeration of the moulding circuit to the closed-loop cooling of process oils and the management of heat in mould fluids: Frigofluid has managed the processes of a manufacturer of high-design plastic containers with its refrigeration, cooling and temperature control systems. Not only that. Together with the turnkey refrigeration system, pump units, hydraulic accessories, control panels (also for remote management) and storage tanks were also supplied.

For each process line, the best technical solution was studied and designed, based on the peculiarities and different needs for heat disposal or management: this also means optimising the use of water and energy, with considerable savings of these resources.

For the mould circuit, a need for an outlet fluid temperature (water) of 13°C was evaluated, with an estimated cooling capacity of 260 kWf: characteristics that led to the use of a RWE 408/4 ax-ST series refrigeration unit: electronically controlled fans, remote monitoring, integration with an external stainless steel storage tank (supplied by Frigofluid together with the integrated system).

The oil circuit on the other hand had an estimated cooling capacity of 330 kWf, with an outlet fluid temperature (water and glycol) of ‘only’ 32°C. An adiabatic cooler PAD-V S 3/4 Q was therefore selected, which is suitable for medium temperatures and with which it is possible to switch operating modes: from ‘standard’ air cooling to adiabatic pre-cooling.

The same process optimisation argument applies for mould temperature control. Three different units were selected:

  • temperature controller FTT09-110DC-pm,
  • temperature controller FTT09-090PD-pm,
  • temperature controller FT12-110DC-pm.

DC machines not only allow heat to be injected into the system, but also stabilise the fluid at high temperatures and/or even very close to the temperature of the cooling source, thus allowing the most cost-effective cooling system in terms of energy savings: this enables a precision of the moulding process that is unrivalled. All three temperature controllers are also equipped with a high head pump, to increase pressure in the event of high pressure drops, and with the possibility for the PD machine to work under both pressure and vacuum (to overcome fluid losses in the production process). Finally, the FTT temperature controllers are equipped with a touch-screen panel and Ethernet communication protocol.

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