Project Phases in Refrigeration

What is your project need?

Whether you need to install a new refrigeration or cooling system or modernise your plant, here you will find a wealth of knowledge and useful tips on how to manage the project. Before you ask a one-stop shop for industrial refrigeration.

ERW ax MT Industrial Liquid Chiller

New System

Do you need a new industrial chiller or cooler? We provide you with some knowledge to make an informed start on your project needs. And to find a suitable partner for your needs.

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Plant Upgrading

When the needs of the installation change, a new design is required: this is to scale up performance and not

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Turnkey Refrigeration Systems
Process Skids for Industrial Chillers

Complete Refrigeration System

There are many needs that can arise in connection with a refrigeration project: multiple production lines with multiple temperatures to manage, parameter control, water and energy management... Do you need a complete supply and turnkey refrigeration system? Here is some information to take into account before looking for a partner.

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System Replacement

Certain inconveniences can occur to the installation's refrigeration system: a chiller temporarily out of use, waiting for a new system... To remedy this problem, there is the possibility of requesting and installing a transitional chiller. Economical, efficient, usable for the period strictly necessary.

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Case Study Backup Refrigeration for Chemical Sector

The advice of Frigofluid

Whatever your specific requirement, you will have two advantages by turning to a single point of contact for industrial refrigeration:

  • Turnkey refrigeration plant: main supply (chillers, any auxiliary chillers), ancillary components and sub-supplies (electrical and plumbing connections) will be integrated and installed on site in the presence of a single ‘project leader’.
  • Services before, during and after installation: not only the design, the crucial testing and acceptance phase and on-site presence. But also tips on how to carry out routine maintenance, refrigerant gas checks and spare parts essential for the correct operation of the system.

Tools to help you choose

Preliminary Assessment

Many interlocutors come to us with a very general idea of their industrial refrigeration needs: this is normal. That's why we stimulate the sharing of technical information.

Customized Design

We believe that integration with the best accessories on the market and the careful and 'unified' selection of internal components can make the difference.

Custom Chillers and Turnkey Plants

Production facilities and the characteristic of the installation area also have important effects on the design: because one cannot stop at the listed solutions.