Industrial Refrigeration for Machine Tools and Mechanical Sector

Chillers for Machine Tools and Mechanical Engineering

In the mechanical engineering industry, we have to deal with cooling points at very different temperatures: chillers for machine tools must be designed for the output temperatures required in individual production lines. Temperature control units are often used, and chillers with free-cooling for energy optimisation are certainly a plus.

Examples of industries:

Examples of industries: machine tools, hydraulic, EDM, printing and flexographic lamination; presses and brass stamping.

Main requirements:

Main requirements: different cooling points, need for thermoregulation, keeping the fluid at a constant temperature, energy optimisation.

Machine Tool Chillers: printing presses and flexographic lamination

We are referring here to the closed-circuit cooling of calenders and/or rollers in the printing and packaging sector.

The target in this case is represented by production lines that are sometimes complex and have several cooling points at very different temperatures: we go from cooled rollers (never at too low a temperature due to condensation problems) to thermoregulated rollers even above 100°C.

It is not unusual to have thermoregulation units often to avoid the stresses caused by any pressurised water circuit. It should be noted in this regard that cylinders are often tested in water even if they are intended to be thermoregulated with diathermic oil. This practice puts the future operation of the system at risk if the cylinders are not then perfectly dried.

Chillers for hydraulic machines, tools, presses and brass stamping

This is where closed-loop oil cooling of the hydraulic movement of industrial machinery comes into play: a classic application for free-cooling chillers, dry coolers, adiabatic coolers.

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Industrial Refrigeration for Machine Tools and Mechanical Sector

Chillers for EDM machines tools

We are talking here about the closed-loop cooling of machining centres in precision mechanics. The aim is to maintain the temperature of the dielectric fluid at constant and stable values in order to ensure precision machining in EDM processes.

The cooling temperatures range from 8° C to 15° C, thus through the frequent use of chillers in production islands. Companies with many EDM units installed often decide to centralise the system.

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