System Start-Up Test

The refrigeration or cooling system, or the turnkey system, is installed. The secondary components and piping are also ready. All that is missing is the first start-up: a phase where supervision by your single-source contact person for industrial refrigeration is still important. Here's why.

First start-up of a turnkey plant

Refrigeration and cooling systems work intuitively during normal operation, but they need special care during the initial start-up phase. This is why it is important that the operation is carried out by trained technicians, preferably from the same company that designed and installed the equipment.

This is a service that Frigofluid always offers its customers. And which it is good to take advantage of.

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Start-up Testing of Industrial Chillers and Coolers

First start: technical prerequisites

There are certain precautions to which the Frigofluid operator pays attention before the refrigeration or cooling system makes its first ‘roar’: for example, if an industrial chiller is being started up, it must have been energized for at least four hours before the circuit starts.

Furthermore, it often happens that the user has actually energized but the machine does not start: Frigofluid personnel know how to intervene in these situations by checking all the system operating parameters.

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