Maintenance of Industrial Chillers and Coolers

Regular communications, proven practices, mobile workshops and timely intervention by licensed technicians. We won't leave you alone after installation: you can count on us for routine and extraordinary maintenance of your industrial chillers and coolers.

The value of after-sales for chillers and dry coolers

Here’s why you can rely on Frigofluid for the routine maintenance of your system and devote yourself to your core production processes in peace of mind.

  • Regular communication. We will contact you once a year or several times a year to remind you of the importance of the F-Gas check required by the regulations. At the same time, you will be able to request a complete maintenance of your machinery or integrated refrigeration system.
  • “Proven” practices: routine maintenance has precise rules and regular stages such as testing and acceptance during production.
  • Service from a single interlocutor: it is best to rely on someone who has already designed and installed the system and is therefore perfectly familiar with its implementation phases.
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Refrigeration Plant Maintenance

Routine maintenance of industrial chillers: the steps

We carry out periodic maintenance according to specific stages: this is to make sure that your chiller or industrial chiller receives a thorough screening of its operation.

For example, a cooling chiller goes through the following stages of inspection.

  • Cable tension test.
  • Water filter cleaning.
  • Percentage of antifreeze in the fluids.
  • Functional check: pressure gauge assembly, sensor reading comparison with service pressure gauges.
  • Verification of data collected on the refrigeration cycle.
  • Finally, compilation of f-gas on site.

All this would be impossible without our maintenance technicians, all of whom have regular refrigeration technician licences.

Our fully equipped mobile workshops

Customers requesting after-sales service on chillers and dry coolers often recommend prompt intervention: at stake is the company’s operational continuity in its production processes.

Frigofluid responds to this request with its service vans, equipped with all the basic tools that can be found in a workshop. What’s more, they are equipped with a selection of spare parts that can service in the field.

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