New Refrigeration or Cooling System

From design to installation and maintenance

Do you need a new industrial chiller or cooler? We provide you with some knowledge to make an informed start on your project needs. And to find a suitable partner for your needs.

Requirement: that of your implant.

The moment you call an industrial refrigeration consultant, he will ask you all the appropriate questions: together you will discuss all the needs, explicit and implicit, related to your cold and heat management requirements.

Here are some questions you can start asking yourself:

  • What is the output temperature I wish to achieve for process fluids?
  • What are the plant peculiarities of the process line(s) to be cooled/heated?
  • What resources (water, electricity) can I leverage or, conversely, should I save?
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ERW ax MT Industrial Liquid Chiller

Solution: technologies... and all-round services.

There are of course many technical solutions available.

  • Low or very low temperatures? Chillers, perhaps with free-cooling mechanism for energy rationalisation.
  • Medium temperatures? A dry cooler, possibly with adiabatic mode, may “suffice”.
  • Need regular high temperature fluids for the moulds? A thrmoregulation unit with accompanying direct cooling may do the trick.

Perhaps the most important component, however, is service: listening to your plant requirements, even through site visits, is what a refrigeration consultant must do before the development phase. Having a single point of contact for the entire project is certainly an advantage: not only for design and installation, but also for suggesting best practices in gas management (in the case of chillers) and routine maintenance.

The extra gear: testing and acceptance of the system

Do you want to be sure that your refrigeration or cooling system (or temperature controller) will work at its best and require little maintenance in the future? It is important that the supplier tests all components.

Here are some of the steps in a typical testing and commissioning:

  • Pressure test (for chillers)
  • Vacuum test and drying test (for chillers)
  • Hydraulic test (for all systems)
  • Electrical test (for all systems)
  • Thermodynamic test (for all systems)
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Tools to help you choose

Preliminary Assessment

Many interlocutors come to us with a very general idea of their industrial refrigeration needs: this is normal. That's why we stimulate the sharing of technical information.

Customized Design

We believe that integration with the best accessories on the market and the careful and 'unified' selection of internal components can make the difference.

Custom Chillers and Turnkey Plants

Production facilities and the characteristic of the installation area also have important effects on the design: because one cannot stop at the listed solutions.