Refrigeration Installation Assistance

The installation phase of the system brings with it practical precautions and prior knowledge of the individual project: why not rely on the same partner who designed and built the machinery and integrated a turnkey industrial refrigeration system?

Your needs during installation

The handling, positioning and installation of a refrigeration system brings with it certain precautions: firstly, finding the right space… often as precious a resource as water or energy for a business! In addition, anyone acquiring industrial machinery expects to receive advice on its use and an appropriate knowledge of regulations in order for the work to be carried out safely.

This phase is much easier if the company can count on the on-site support of the same specialist who designed and built the refrigeration system or plant: what we do as refrigeration consultants throughout the project.

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Assistance with the installation of industrial refrigeration systems

The solution for you. A single interlocutor for industrial refrigeration

Frigofluid always supports the customer with on-site presence during the installation of the machinery or the turnkey refrigeration system.

You can count on the on-site support of the same person who is already familiar with your project, and who has supported you in relieving its critical issues.

  • Suggestions for making the best use of space and finding the right space for all components.
  • Knowledge of the regulatory aspects of installation.
  • Hydraulic, ergonomic and functional advice.

You can count on us during installation.

The after-sales service continues

Service continues even after installation of the system.

  • Electrical and hydraulic connections.
  • First start-up of machinery.
  • Training of operators in the new system.
  • And over time: F-Gas control, maintenance with equipped mobile workshops, quality spare parts.
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