Customized Refrigeration and Cooling System Design

Industrial chillers or adiabatic chillers, single systems or entire turnkey refrigeration plants: regardless of the individual solution, we believe that integration with the best accessories on the market and the careful and 'unified' selection of internal components can make the difference.

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Refrigeration and cooling system design: where to start?

Each job is a world of its own, made up of plant peculiarities and different technical specifications. There are, however, certain requests, during the design phase of refrigeration and cooling systems, that company managers, operations managers and engineers make:

  • A single interlocutor, especially if the required plant will consist of a chiller and several secondary machines and accessories,
  • reliability of components and operational continuity,
  • performance and reduced use of resources (such as energy).
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Custom Design of Industrial Chillers and Coolers
Custom Design of Industrial Chillers and Coolers

As a system integrator in industrial refrigeration

We design industrial chillers and other industrial process cooling systems according to a logic of customisation and adaptation to customer needs.

In addition, when the need is for a true turnkey refrigeration system, we can select and integrate for you in a single customised design:

  • Frigofluid industrial refrigeration solutions and service,
  • chillers from MITA Cooling Technologies (as part of shared ownership in the MITA Group),
  • heat exchangers, control panels, accessories and hydraulic connections supplied.

Finally, in order to guarantee the customer a level solution and continuous testing at all stages of the project, we have adopted a precise development philosophy for several years now: namely the integrated selection of components by means of unified software.

The thermodynamic calculations of the machine and its parts (heat, work, temperature) are verified in a ‘synoptic’ manner and tested with the greatest possible precision.

Refrigeration and cooling system design: standard elements

The logic of the custom industrial cooler or chiller affects all our designs. However, certain components are standard on all Frigofluid machines.

Starting with the PLC control panels for remote monitoring: their compliance with the specifications required for Industry 4.0 is Bureau Veritas certified. On request, the selected system can be combined with a serial port for connection to the customer’s interface, with corresponding remote management stations.

Not only that. Energy saving has probably become the main focus of engineers and plant managers: remote monitoring and automation of machinery processes via PLCs make this task much easier. Furthermore, the RW EFC ax industrial chiller series meets this need more than any other, combining performance, optimal resource utilisation throughout the year and possible free cooling mode.

Not to mention the testing and commissioning phase: a phase to which all Frigofluid machines will be subjected.

Attention to detail

Over the years we have invested heavily in the use of state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic components and, above all, in the care of every design detail.

Some examples?

  • EC (Electronic Control) type axial fans as standard on the entire range. High performance at maximum rpm and control at low rpm are achieved.
  • Frame with anodised aluminium profiles and panels, base and other structural parts in hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Management of coolant gas expansion by means of a step-by-step lamination valve with electronic control to obtain the best coolant overheating condition.
  • Electrical panel with minimum IP 55 protection rating, easy access for both unit control and maintenance operations.
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