Spare parts for refrigeration and cooling systems

Frigofluid supplies you with standard spare parts for all the refrigeration and cooling systems it manufactures. It is important to provide periodic or extraordinary spare parts replacement, in case of critical situations, in order to always have efficient and safe systems.

The importance of replacing parts

Maintenance, efficiency and safety go hand in hand in all refrigeration and cooling systems. Why have a maintenance and parts replacement programme for your turnkey system or plant?

  • Routine maintenance follows a predefined schedule, almost like a car service: structure, fluid handling, spare parts have their own ‘periodicity’.
  • To this must be added extraordinary maintenance: e.g. for needs such as replacement of worn parts or critical issues arising in the operation of the equipment.

In the design and production of refrigeration and cooling systems, we follow criteria of ease of use and reliability over time: at the same time, some important interventions, with the help of trained technicians, are necessary to keep the system efficient and safe.

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Spare Parts for Industrial Chillers

Spare parts for Frigofluid industrial coolers, dry coolers and temperature controllers

Frigofluid provides you with three different spare parts kits for chillers and coolers as required.

  • Starter kit: fuses, safety valve, air vent, pressure gauge.
  • Selected parts kit, i.e. components that it is advisable to keep in-house in case of need: e.g. pumps and belts.
  • Complete kit: all components found on industrial chillers, dry coolers or Frigofluid temperature controllers.

Of course, we are talking about the ‘standard’ supply: at any time you can request a standard component for a system purchased from Frigofluid.

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