Full Supply of a Refrigeration Plant

Not just a chiller

Efficient chillers and optimised chillers, remote control panels and connections from reliable subcontractors: a refrigeration system does not boil down to a single chiller. And we want to be your single point of contact for the whole process of design, development, delivery and on-site presence during installation.

Requirement: not just a (single) chiller

The need for refrigeration of process fluids is not always expressed in the design and installation of an isolated chiller. More often, companies need the supply of a complete refrigeration plant.

A refrigeration plant often presents itself as the integration of several technologies and services.

  • Some production lines then require outgoing fluids at very low temperatures (perhaps below room temperature) and need chillers. For other processes, however, it may be more practical to use coolers, operating at higher temperatures and using fewer resources.
  • Other components may be required depending on your needs? For example, fluid storage tanks, process sections with fluids to be brought up to temperature (temperature control), frames for easy containment and transport of different equipment.
  • Positioning, installation, supply of control panels, electrical and hydraulic connections are service components that are best delegated to a single supplier to reduce time and complexity.

You can easily understand how it is easier to interface with a single interlocutor for all this equipment and related service.

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Turnkey Refrigeration System

Solution: turnkey refrigeration systems... and a single point of contact

We are available for the design and customisation of efficient and sustainable heat disposal systems. In addition, we have been working with specialised and reliable subcontractors for years. Design, development and on-site presence remain branded Frigofluid, as your single-source interlocutor in industrial refrigeration.

As an example, here is a list of systems and services we can provide you with.

  • Frigofluid customised chillers.
  • Adiabatic dry coolers from the group company MITA Cooling Technologies.
  • Supply of control panels, hydraulic automatisms, pumping units, piping.
  • Frigofluid design and support services. And we always try to be precise and efficient.

Would you like to discover all the components of a turnkey refrigeration system?

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The Support of an International Group

In the supply of complete systems, we make use of our participation in the MITA Group, an international team of experts in cooling, refrigeration and treatment of civil and industrial waste water.

An example of how you can benefit from this participation? Some process lines requiring more energy optimisation than low fluid outlet temperatures can be supplied by the MITA Cooling Technologies group company.

We can then provide assistance on the electrical and hydraulic part, and on some process accessories: all this always under the on-site supervision of Frigofluid.

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Tools to help you choose

Preliminary Assessment

Many interlocutors come to us with a very general idea of their industrial refrigeration needs: this is normal. That's why we stimulate the sharing of technical information.

Customized Design

We believe that integration with the best accessories on the market and the careful and 'unified' selection of internal components can make the difference.

Custom Chillers and Turnkey Plants

Production facilities and the characteristic of the installation area also have important effects on the design: because one cannot stop at the listed solutions.