Transition Chiller

Sometimes companies need to install 'back-up' chillers to cover sudden requirements or while waiting for the final system to be installed. In case of need, ask Frigofluid for information and check the availability of a transitional chiller to continue operation.

Chiller in an emergency: the need

There are various occasions when it may be useful to request a transition chiller.

  • A refrigeration system is in production and a momentary replacement is needed.
  • The main refrigeration unit is momentarily stopped.
  • A sudden increase in heat is causing the system to suffer.
  • Delays in the delivery of the refrigeration system and the need to secure the process lines and production.
  • A simple ‘precautionary’ reserve in anticipation of times of need.
Industrial Chiller Storage Tank

Frigofluid Transition Chiller

We are equipping ourselves with transitional chillers for the emergencies that some companies may encounter during particular times of the year (especially in summer). The aim is to provide customers with a fleet of small, medium and large chillers for all the needs of the process industry.

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