Operators' Training

Water and antifreeze filters, control panels and f-gas: every refrigeration or cooling system has mechanical and electronic components to be managed and maintained over time. Need support? No problem. We'll explain everything to you at first start-up. You will also be able to call us for routine maintenance, according to the timetable for an appropriate 'servicing' of the machinery.

The electronic component of industrial chillers

Once you have installed your system or refrigeration system, how do you start it up and manage it over time? We explain everything to you after start-up.

In particular, refrigeration systems have a very important electronic part, which the operators of the user company must know in order to operate it in the best possible way under all circumstances.

During installation, we will therefore explain how to operate and configure all electronic components of industrial chillers.

  • Displays for the different configurations and alarms.
  • Pressure switches for fluid pressure management.
  • Application of fans, to modulate their speed by means of parameter mapping.
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Industrial Chiller Operator Training

Routine maintenance: call us back at the right time

Like a vehicle, an industrial cooler or chiller needs to be periodically checked and maintained.

At the time of installation, we will explain to you how and when to intervene on the various components: you can then request our support for this after-sales phase as well.

These are some of the steps that, for example, are carried out during routine maintenance of a cooling chiller:

  • cable pull test (electronic components),
  • water filter cleaning,
  • antifreeze check,
  • F-Gas check.
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