Industrial Chillers 4.0 for Remote Monitoring

All Frigofluid industrial chillers and coolers are designed to have remote control as standard, with Industry 4.0 Certification issued by Bureau Veritas. The same goes for industrial chillers and temperature controllers. You can also request the complete remote monitoring service: our systems will thus be integrated with your company management systems.

Why make the leap to Industry 4.0

Many European countries are incentivising companies to monitor internal processes via remote control, to manage the performance of their systems and predict possible malfunctions: industrial chillers 4.0 have the advantage of having monitorable performance and operating parameters.

Also at stake is the possibility of predictive maintenance on the industrial chiller or cooler: if a possible malfunction is detected in advance, the supplier’s staff can intervene in time.

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Remote Monitoring Industrial Chillers and Coolers 4.0
ERW ax HT Industrial Liquid Chiller

Certified 4.0 industrial chillers and coolers

Frigofluid’s industrial 4.0 chillers, as well as the chillers and temperature controllers, all comply with Industry 4.0 Certification from a prestigious body such as Bureau Veritas: they are therefore equipped with (not the inverter, perhaps you mean the gateway?) which the customer can decide to connect to their company management systems.

Frigofluid is able to carry out such integration at the customer’s request.

Benefits at a glance

  • Bureau Veritas-certified cooling performance and operation control.
  • System design according to state-of-the-art industrial refrigeration.
  • Possibility of predictive maintenance.
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