Return on investment in industrial refrigeration

The benefits of correct selection

Although there is no perfect industrial refrigeration or cooling system for every need, careful selection allows for long-term savings. Reduced maintenance, minimised resource usage and system efficiency depend on the fundamental initial steps.

How to recognise the lowest product life-cycle cost

As in other areas, in industrial refrigeration the most cost-effective acquisition… is conscious acquisition.

Knowing your plant and environmental needs, as well as the availability of resources (water and energy), means selecting the best refrigeration, cooling or temperature control system: both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and in terms of return on investment.

There are different solutions for different needs: you can discover the key ones by reading our Selection Guidelines.

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Return on Investment in Industrial Refrigeration

Saving in the long run: the preconditions

A properly sized industrial chiller or cooler, based on project requirements, ensures performance and enables savings in CAPEX and OPEX.

Testing and commissioning of all its components also enables a number of benefits in terms of return on investment:

  • simple (and minimal) maintenance,
  • optimal resource utilization,
  • efficiency and performance.
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Tools to help you choose

Preliminary Assessment

Many interlocutors come to us with a very general idea of their industrial refrigeration needs: this is normal. That's why we stimulate the sharing of technical information.

Customized Design

We believe that integration with the best accessories on the market and the careful and 'unified' selection of internal components can make the difference.

Custom Chillers and Turnkey Plants

Production facilities and the characteristic of the installation area also have important effects on the design: because one cannot stop at the listed solutions.