Industrial Refrigeration for Biogas Plants

Chillers for Biogas Plants

A further use of chillers/chillers is in biogas plants: a gas mixture, derived from organic substances and highly energetic and ‘green’. The role of the chiller is to cool the biogas before it enters the cogeneration engine. Reliability and safety are the pluses that chillers must guarantee.

Examples of applications:

Examples of applications: biogas production for cogeneration plants.

Main requirements:

Main requirements: reliability, security and continuity of work 24 / 365 days a year.

Biogas Chillers: at a glance

Let us look in detail at how chillers for biogas plants work, starting with the general operation of this type of energy source.

Anaerobic digestion is a complex biological process in which, in the absence of oxygen, organic matter is converted into biogas, a renewable and sustainable energy source.

There are specific players that build turnkey biogas plants and companies that provide the cogeneration and biogas treatment package.

The biogas needs to be cooled down to around 5° C: it is in this context, and before it enters the cogeneration engine, that the cooling chiller comes into play, which is used to dehumidify and cool the biogas. As these are aggressive environments, the cooling systems must be safe, robust and ensure smooth operation with little need for maintenance, as the process is continuous 24 hours a day.

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Chillers for Biogas Plants
Case Study Biogas Chiller

Low-Temperature Industrial Chiller for a Biogas Player

The biomass sector is one of the most interesting for its implications related to energy recovery: Frigofluid supplied an industrial chiller to an international broker, with final installation in Colombia.

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