PAD-V Dry Cooler Adiabatico

PAD-V Adiabatic Coolers Condensers

Temperature range: from 35°C up to 50°C
-20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50

The optimal point between resource utilization and cooling efficiency: adiabatic liquid coolers and gas condensers PAD-V series are offered where the focus is particularly on rational use of water and energy thanks to a dual operating principle, during hot and cold seasons, and thanks to the control panel that optimizes system operating parameters.

Reduced water use.

Reduced water use. Only during hot weather and through wetting cycles of a few seconds.

Resource optimization.

Resource optimization. Thanks to short wetting cycles, fan modulation and operation parameter management via control panel.

Compact and integrable design.

Compact and integrable design. Simple and easily integrated into existing systems.

Soluzione chiavi in mano.

Soluzione chiavi in mano. Single point of contact throughout the project, possibility of integration with additional systems and ancillary plant components.

Quick pay-back.

Quick pay-back. Pre-selection together with the client, based on the client's project requirement.

Prepared for remote monitoring.

Prepared for remote monitoring. A serial port can be combined with the machinery for interface connection with remote station.

Adiabatic cooling: operation.

The PAD-V adiabatic system is the optimal solution for increasing the efficiency of air systems, with capacities from 75 to 1,100 kW.

  • Dry operation during cold periods: ambient air is drawn in and conveyed to the heat exchange coils (where the fluid to be cooled passes through): no water in the circuit, as during standard dry cooler operations. Energy use is also optimized by electronically modulated fan speeds based on temperatures.
  • Adiabatic operation during hotter periods: outside air passes through the humidifier pack to be pre-cooled, before being conveyed to the finned coils and performing its cooling function: efficiency is increased. This also makes it possible to work at lower ambient temperatures.
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