Case Study Custom Chiller for Food

Custom chiller for a machinery manufacturer

Frigofluid is also available for highly customized chillers: this is what a food industry machinery manufacturer also required for a chiller solution capable of working in outdoor environments and with fluid output at temperatures below 0°C.

  • Client: food industry machinery manufacturer
  • Supply custom water-condensed chiller
  • Refrigeration optimized for outdoor environments
Food technology manufacturer
Emilia Romagna, Italy (final installation in Japan)
Interlocutor type
Machinery manufacturer
Application field
Food industry
Story in a nutshell
The Emilia-based machinery manufacturer, Frigofluid's client, is the Italian headquarters of a U.S. multinational. In designing sustainable machinery for the food industry, it consciously pursues "attention to variety for the benefit of health."
List of customer requirements
Refrigeration of a juice production machine
Output fluid and temperature
Dual station unit with two temperatures
Water/glycol OUT at -2°C
Water/glycol OUT at 8°C, condensing water IN 32°C
Required powers
8,1 kW
Technologies supplied
Custom chiller ERWC 18 CW LT 200V/3Ph/60Hz

The custom chiller designed by Frigofluid

High performance, for fluid temperatures below 0°C, and resistance in outdoor environments: these were the main demands of a juice company that made it opt for a custom chiller. Thus, with technical-functional features beyond the catalog and strongly focused on the customer’s design needs.

The Frigofluid chiller supplied to the client, the Italian headquarters of an American multinational, was to cool food processing machinery.

Conceptually, the machine designed and installed by Frigofluid is a combination of three different cooling chillers:

  • RW CW chillers, water-cooled machinery and thus endowed with high performance;
  • ERW chillers, which are suitable for outdoor environments due to their IP54 rating (for dust and splash protection);
  • and RW ax LT chillers, good for low outlet fluid temperatures (in this case water and glycol).

Power requirements: 8.1 kW. Water and glycol outlet: -2°C.

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