Chiller Case Study for Food Sector

Chiller for Agribusiness in Senegal

A large company needed a chiller for cooling its food processes at a production site in Dakar. We supplied a RW ax refrigeration chiller, an air-condensed ecological gas compression model, for ambient temperatures up to +40°C.

  • Client in Senegal
  • Chiller chiller for quality food processes
  • Fluid: water and glycol
Tomato canning company
Dakar, Senegal
Interlocutor type
Plant installer
Application field
Food & Beverage
Story in a nutshell
The company has been making sauces and preserves for nearly two decades. By the team's admittance, the desire is to be inspired by local traditions and flavors.
List of customer requirements
Fermenter cooling of the production process
Output fluid and temperature
Water/glycol out 24°C
Ambient air
Max 40°C
Required powers
320 kW
Installation area criticalities
Water shortage
Technologies supplied
Oil chiller RWE 348/3 ax-ST

1. chillers for agribusiness: precise temperature control

When food and beverage production is at stake, the first requirement is the precise control of production processes: including therefore the fluid outlet temperatures allowed by a chiller. The same request came from an installer of our client, who needed to supply a large Senegalese agribusiness company with a chiller for a production site in Dakar.

The player we served produces sauces and finished tomato paste products.

After an evaluation of the project requirements, they definitely opted for an air chiller instead of a water chiller (given, of course, the scarcity of the water resource in the installation area).

2. Temperatures and cooling capacity

In agreement with the customer, a RW ax series refrigeration system was selected as an alternative to an ERW chiller (for extreme temperatures), judged to be sufficient for high ambient temperatures. given the spatial configuration of the production facility, it was possible to install an external storage tank.

The cooling capacity used places the selected agri-food chiller in the medium-high range of the RW ax series: however, thanks to the electronically controlled motor-fan unit, it is possible to modulate the operating parameters and optimize energy use.

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