Case Study Thermoregulator in Chile

Process Thermoregulation for a Food Manufacturer in Chile

Frigofluid’s interlocutor is a confectionery manufacturer in Chile, with the need to regulate the water temperature of its production processes: we supplied a temperature control unit type FT09-110DC-pm, with the possibility of regulating the output fluid up to 110°C and keeping it stable over time.

  • Manufacturer of sweets in Chile
  • Thermoregulation requirements for production processes
  • Delivery: temperature control unit with adjustable water outlet up to 110°C
Manufacturer of sweets and snacks in Chile
Interlocutor type
End customer
Application field
Confectionery food sector
Story in a nutshell
The confectionery sector is Frigofluid's main client business: candies, sweet snacks, ice cream, soft drinks. It has about sixty outlets throughout Chile.
List of customer requirements
Thermoregulation of internal processes
Output fluid and temperature
Water settable up to 110°C
Required powers
9 kW
Technologies supplied
Thermoregulator FT09-110DC-pm

High stability thermoregulation for a good food product

Quality food products need reliable processes, with parameters maintained stable over time. This is especially true in the thermoregulation of process fluids: a value of industrial temperature controllers that is often underestimated lies in their ability not only to send fluids to high temperatures… but also to keep those temperatures stable.

It is a feature of Frigofluid temperature controllers that a food manufacturer in Chile particularly appreciated. This customer focuses mainly on the production of sweets (such as candies and snacks) and has around sixty outlets in the country.

How can this temperature stabilisation in the thermoregulation units be facilitated and can linear processes and quality end products be achieved? For example, through direct cooling (Direct Cooling) after heating the resource used: Frigofluid temperature controllers can be integrated with external sources of cooled water (a chiller, dry cooler or a common well). DC machines make it possible to stabilise the fluid at high temperatures and/or even very close to the temperature of the cooling source, thus allowing the most convenient maintenance system to be used in terms of energy savings: this allows for unparalleled energy savings.

In particular, the system selected for the Chilean manufacturer belongs to the FT09-110DC-pm series: the temperatures maintained (and reached) are up to 110°C. The machine is also equipped with an oversized pump: higher pressures for users with high pressure drops.

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