Case Study Wastewater Treatment Chillers

Industrial Chillers for an International Wastewater Treatment Company

An international company, a general contractor in the production and management of water treatment and purification systems, needed to extend the capacity of two plants for a municipality. Frigofluid supplied two chillers: fluid output 23°C, ambient temperature 40°C.

  • Support of municipal water reuse plant and ozone section
  • Interlocutor: plant installer
  • Water outlet temperature: 23°C
Multinational wastewater treatment
Veneto, Italy
Interlocutor type
Plant installer
Application field
Wastewater treatment
Story in a nutshell
The client company has been in business for more than 150 years. It is involved in the installation of water treatment and purification plants and waste de-matification, producing drinking water for more than 60million people worldwide.
List of customer requirements
No. 1 chiller serving the civil effluent reuse plant.
No. 1 chiller serving the new ozone compartment for upgrading the tertiary treatment plant.
Output fluid and temperature
Water/glycol 23°C
Ambient air
Max 40°C
Required powers
1,2 MW
Technologies supplied
No. 2 process oil coolers RWE 624/4 ax-ST

Industrial chillers for waste water treatment: need and solution

In many cases, the request for refrigeration support comes not from the end-user, but from an intermediate stakeholder in the supply chain: for example, the international plant operator, active for some 150 years, who requested industrial chillers for a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Veneto.

The request concerned the extension and modernisation of two process lines of the plant: the water reuse line and the ozonation line within the tertiary treatment section. In the latter case, it was a matter of a true regulatory upgrade.

It was decided to select two chiller chillers model RWE 624/4 ax-ST: it was therefore assessed that both process lines would need equivalent equipment in terms of functionality and cooling capacity. The two systems are each equipped with four refrigerant gas circuits (R410A), work with air and are fitted with electronically controlled axial fans: the latter feature allows optimisation of the use of the resource employed.

RWE chillers operate in the presence of external accumulation: tanks, vats or other components that can receive, externally to the plant, the liquid to be cooled. This configuration is possible when available space makes it possible.

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