Case Study Chiller 4.0 for Plastic Processing

Industry 4.0 Certified Frigofluid Chillers for Plastic Processing

Processes for Industry 4.0 and optimal interaction with previously installed chillers. This is how Frigofluid’s products have convinced a company from Vittorio Veneto, which has been active in plastic moulding for 40 years.

  • Solution capable of integrating with other chillers
  • Remote performance monitoring
  • Advice and attention to detail
Plastic molding company based in Vittorio Veneto
Veneto (Italy) - Province of Treviso
Interlocutor type
End customer
Application field
Story in a nutshell
A company that has been present for more than 40 years in the field of technical injection molding of plastics for third parties.
A vision of process modernization with a view to Industry 4.0 has piqued the interest of company management in Frigofluid solutions.
List of customer requirements
Process and refrigeration modernization with a view to Industry 4.0
Output fluid and temperature
Water +15°C
Ambient air
+35° C
Required powers
100 kW (main unit)
Technologies supplied
No.1 Free-cooling chiller RW EFC 156/2 ax
No.1 Chiller RW CW 19 ax
No.1 Chiller RW CW 13 ax
Further specials
Insulated 2,000-liter storage tank for hydraulic balance (on RW EFC 156/2 ax chiller).
Constructive pluses
Matching with system 4.0 with certification to system 4.0 (all three chiller units provided).
Optimal interaction with previous chillers.
Consulting and attention to detail.
Key to Success
Optimal interaction with previously installed chillers of different brands (via appropriate hydraulic connections). Monitoring from an "industry 4.0" perspective.

Industrial chillers 4.0 for the plastics industry

The intervention for the plastics company in the province of Treviso is a classic example of modernisation of a refrigeration system using industrial 4.0 chillers: this is a business that has been present in the area for around 40 years and needed to scale up its productivity (and therefore the management of cold in process fluids).
The company had a previous section for industrial refrigeration: the request to Frigofluid was to expand this section with new chillers. The plus proposed by Frigofluid, i.e. the remote control of operating parameters from an Industry 4.0 perspective, convinced the interlocutor. All the proposed refrigeration and thermoregulation systems are set up for monitoring by a management system: those supplied to the Treviso-based company are no exception.

As with other projects, different lines can be best served by different chillers, each with its own technical and functional characteristics.

In particular, the RW EFC chiller supplied allows great energy savings: this is due to the possibility of working in free-cooling mode, i.e. with ambient air directly lapping the heat exchanger coils. On the other hand, the company was supplied with two water chillers: these systems, which can be used where water is not a problem, are able to work with greater performance.

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