Custom Solutions

Frigofluid designs and engineers fully personalized equipment based on the customers specific requirements.

Frigofluid’s wide and diversified standard production of chillers featuring different functions and technical characteristics is enriched by custom solutions: we are committed to providing our customers with unique, tailor-made solutions perfectly satisfying their needs concerning engineering characteristics and performances. Our listening attitude and our long-term experience in the chilling sector allow us to offer high-quality, totally performing special chilling systems. We take care of all the process steps, from the feasibility study to the development, the design and the final production.

Custom solutions production of chillers
Custom solutions production of chillers

Whatever the needs are, be they standard products or special solutions for particular requirements, complex technical problems or peculiar applications, Frigofluid is nowadays the reference point for all requirements in terms of control and management of the chilling and/or heating functions applied to industrial process fluids.

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