Adiabatic System

Liquid Coolers, Gas Condensers

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The PAD-V series is suggested where attention is particularly focused on water consumption (and the risks associated with its management) and energy.

The optimum solution to increase efficiency in air systems. Capacity from 75 to 1,100 kW.

Coolers Condensers “PAD-V” Series

Adiabatic cooling is based on the sensitive exchange between the fluid flowing inside the finned coils and the air that brushes against the surface.

Adiabatic operation in hot seasons:

  • External air passes through the humidifier pack.
  • Adiabatically cooled air is conveyed to the finned coils: efficiency increases.
  • Working at lower ambient temperatures.
  • No direct contact between water and finned coils.

Dry operation in cold weather:

  • The external air is aspirated and conveyed directly to the coils.
  • Humidification is deactivated: no water in the circuit.
  • Fan speed modulated according to temperature.
  • Guaranteed water and energy savings.


Control Panel

PLC allowing continuous optimization by controlling and automating the functions of the device.

Optimized efficiency thanks to the electronically controlled fans that modulate speed according to various parameters.

Four temperature probes to control the external temperature, the adiabatic section and the process fluid.

Standard Components

  • Models completely preassembled and equipped with an electrical panel (PLC that allows continuous optimization).
  • Humidifier pack with high water retention capacity in flocked PVC (very short wetting cycles).
  • Adiabatic circuit, protected inside, designed to recover water without requiring treatment.
  • Double V coils.
  • EC fans for low electrical consumption and noise.
  • Support carpentry made of press-folded galvanized sheet metal and subsequently protected by an epoxy paint cycle.
  • Each machine can be equipped with accesses for inspections and maintenance of internal parts.
  • No risk of Legionella and aerosol.

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    Raffreddatori di liquidi
    PAD-V Scheme ENG
    Plug Fan EC Adiabatic System

    Electronically controlled fans.

    Air Intake Grill Adiabatic System

    Optimized air inlet grille.

    Air Distribution Adiabatic System

    Air distribution with low load loss.

    Short Wetting Cycles Adiabatic System

    Very short wetting cycles.

    Optional for Industry 4.0

    The data collected by the PLC can be sent to the MITA Connect platform for remote monitoring, record analysis and preventive maintenance.

    Flocked-PVC Adiabatic Pack


    • European patent No 2 206 980 B1 by MITA Cooling Technologies (MITA Group)
    • Saving 1: the flocked PVC adiabatic pack is wetted to humidify the air only when needed and at intervals from 10 to 20 minutes (not continuously as occurs in other adiabatic packs).
    • Saving 2: once wet, the adiabatic pack releases only the water necessary to obtain an air temperature that will ensure the thermal performance (cooling) of the finned coil system. With other adiabatic packs, the quantity of water distributed on the pack is constant and independent of the condition of the air to be cooled.
    • Saving 3: the flocked PVC adiabatic pack just needs to be wet with non-pressurized water for a short time (about 15 seconds). In the most “extreme” wetting condition, with a wetting cycle every 10 minutes, the pump runs for just one and a half minutes every hour. A pump with 2 kW electric power thus consumes about 50 W/h: the equivalent of a low-power light bulb!

    Examples of Application of PAD-V

    • Production of plastic
    • Trigeneration / cogeneration
    • Datacenters
    • HVAC
    • Industrial refrigeration
    • Food & beverage
    • Heat treatment
    frigofluid cooling systems