Case Study Backup Refrigeration for Chemical Sector

Mobile Backup Refrigeration Unit for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sometimes industrial refrigeration needs backup units, active at well-defined times in the company’s productivity: this is the case of the Italian headquarters of a pharmaceutical multinational, to which Frigofluid supplied a removable chiller.

  • Need for backup refrigeration
  • Supply: chiller equipped with wheels
  • International pharmaceutical industry
Drug manufacturer
Veneto, Italy
Interlocutor type
End customer
Application field
Chemical-pharmaceutical sector
Story in a nutshell
Frigofluid's client group has a history of more than 100 years in drug manufacturing. It now has a presence on 5 continents.
List of customer requirements
Backup refrigeration for internal processes
Output fluid and temperature
Water/glycol 15°C
Ambient air
Max 25°C
Required powers
3,9 kW
Technologies supplied
Liquid chiller RWA 4 ax
Further specials
Removable chiller, equipped with wheels

Removable custom cooler: the requirement

When an industrial plant is expanded, the industrial refrigeration section must also be able to scale up with the addition of new chiller units. However, for different plant requirements over time, customised solutions can be considered: such as the custom chiller equipped with wheels, requested by a company in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

The customer for this customised solution is a group with 100 years of history in the production of pharmaceuticals. The basic product selected by Frigofluid, in agreement with the customer, is an RWA 4 ax air-cooled chiller: electronically controlled axial fan for modulation of operating parameters, internal storage at atmospheric pressure. Power requirement: 3.9 kW. We are therefore talking about a model for limited performance, to which we have added the possibility of easy transport on wheels.

The refrigerant gas used is R513A, with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of low environmental impact.
All Frigofluid units are prepared for remote control: the customer can therefore monitor parameters, performance and operation of the machine even from a company management system.

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