Frigofluid is an F-GAS certified company by Apave

We will never underline the importance of offering efficiency and environmental sustainability together and to provide services more and more adequate to market demands. For this reason, Frigofluid is now an F-Gas certified company by the third party Apave.

Therefore, Frigofluid is authorized to repair and maintain chillers for industrial process applications containing fluorinated greenhouse gases.

The staff and the companies that manage the F-Gases must possess an authorization certificate: the aim is to ensure customers a high-quality and safe work. Apave is certified by the Accredia Italian Accreditation Body: it has already issued more than 14,000 certificates of ability to use fluorinated gases only in France (see this link). The Employee Certificate is valid for 10 years: maintenance is required every single year.

Apave certification is a necessary step to remain in line with the latest updates of the F-Gas directives: Frigofluid technicians had obtained the refrigeration license in August 2011 and they were among the first companies in Italy (through teaching promoted by the British body ConstructionSkills).

A complete list of the fluorinated greenhouse gases present in refrigeration systems is shown at the EUR-Lex link.