Water Condensed Liquids Chillers

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These process fluids (water, glycol / water) chillers are based on the
air-condensed compression of environment-friendly gas.

Series “RW CW” liquids chillers. Condensation by water supplied externally.

These process fluids (water, glycol / water) air condensed chillers are based on the compression of environment-friendly gas. They allow to obtain temperatures of the chilled liquid between +1°C and +20°C. Standard units operate at a +40°C maximum room temperature, whereas the “RW ax/HTA” version is designed to operate at higher room temperatures. This system allows considerable savings on heating costs. The IP54 protection degree is guaranteed as standard and allows outdoor installation without need for roofing.

Control Panel

This microprocessor allows to select and display the chilling liquid’s outlet temperatures. The microprocessor visualises the pressure of the chilling gas and allows remote diagnostics in case of failures (also by serial connection). It automatically operates the compressors on a turnover basis and controls partial their operation as a function of the work load. The standard version is equipped with alpha-numeric display showing the unit’s status.

Refrigeratori di fluidi di processo Brescia , FrogofluidRefrigeratori di fluidi di processo Brescia , Frogofluid


  • Aluminium / Zinc-coated body.
  • Sealed “Scroll” compressor.
  • Chilling-gas system (configurations with up to 4 chilling systems depending on the size of the chiller).
  • Thermally insulated storage tank made of zinc-coated steel.
  • AISI 316 stainless steel exchanger plates (or tube nest)
    evaporator with  thermal coating.
  • Electronic thermostatic valve.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel centrifugal motor pump with
    anti-condensation shaped cup..
  • AISI 316 stainless steel exchanger plates
    (or tubes nest) condenser
  • IP54 protection degree.
  • Control panel with microprocessor.
  • Security flow-switch.
  • Automatic air exhaust.
  • Manual by-pass.
  • Remote alarms.
  • Water-pressure meter.
  • Automatic filling.

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    Raffreddatori di liquidi

    Available Versions
    RWC CW with sealed internal storage tank (allows parallelal connection of further units).
    RWA CW with internal storage tank operating at atmospheric pressure.
    RWE CW for external storage tank.

    Optional Equipment

    • Steeples adjuster of the Scroll compressors rotation to obtain the maximun function optimization.
    • Control panel’s remote installation.
    • Automatically operated
      safety motor pump.
    • “CAM” automatic loader
      of the water / glycol mix.
    • Automatic by-pass.
    • Serial interface.
     Liquids Chillers

    Safety pump (optional).

     Liquids Chillers

    Scroll compressor.

    Liquids Chillers

    Automatic by-pass (optional).

    frigofluid cooling systems