Dry Coolers

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Closed-circuit, indirect exchange liquids chillers operating with water or a glycol/water mixture and employing the ambient air as cooling fluid.

A careful selection of the exchange batteries allows to obtain process fluid temperatures nearing the sucked air temperature.

“RAW” Series Dry Coolers

These closed-circuit, indirect exchange liquids coolers use the ambient air as a refrigerating fluid. They are designed to cool process liquids by means of a dedicated fin-pack exchanger. The exchanger is crossed by the ambient air flowing in an opposite direction as to that of the liquid to be cooled. Thanks to a special exchanger size, the temperature difference between the cooled liquid and the air is reduced to a minimum (the nominal cooling power provides for a 5°C temperature difference). A carefully studied sizing allows to cut this difference down to 3°C. These environment-friendly “RAW” series coolers simply use a water/antifreeze solution as cooled liquid, with ambient air as cooling fluid. For applications where the antifreeze liquid cannot be added to the hydraulic system we have designed the special “RAW / S” model allowing manual or automatic emptying of the exchanger, so as to avoid any breakages due to low temperatures. (N.B.: this application entails special installation requirements). The “RAW” series offers a wide choice of units specially designed for energy saving. The top quality materials employed allow to reach high efficiency values (high ratio of chilling yield to electric consumption in kW).

Control Panel

Electronic microprocessor allowing to select and display the chilling liquid’s inlet and outlet temperatures. It controls the unit’s operation and reports any alarm conditions, allowing the remote diagnostics of anomalies also by means of a serial connection. The standard version is equipped with alpha-numeric display showing the unit’s status.

Liquids coolers


  • Zinc-coated body suitable for external installation.
  • Air/water exchanger with wide exchange surface.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel centrifugal motor pump.
  • Vertical-air discharge axial fans.
  • IP55 protection degree.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • Fans speed control (“RAW / E” version).
  • Control panel.
  • Washable alluminium filters on the air-suction side.
  • Automatic air exhaust.
  • Remote alarms.
  • Water pressure gauge.
  • Automatic filling.

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    Raffreddatori di liquidi

    Optional Equipment

    • Remote control panel.
    • Second electrical motor pump for safety.
    • “CAM” automatic water / glycol mix.
    • Automatic by-pass.
    • Supercooling exchanger.
    • Automating emptying (“RAW / S” version).
    frigofluid cooling systems