Producer of industrial refrigerators and coolers since 1995

Our story

Since 1995, we have been devising, designing and
building systems for the control of temperature in industrial processes.

FRIGOFLUID started its activity as a producer of industrial refrigerators and coolers in 1995, based on the long-term experience previously acquired in the chilling sector by its founding partners. From the very start, the company purpose has been the design and production of increasingly sophisticated and performing solutions which can really give full satisfaction to the most diverse customer requirements.

Thus we also preempt market.requirements relating to technologies and their applications. From the very beginning, therefore, Frigofluid has operated as a professional consultant for the industrial chilling sector. Our deep, wide-ranging expertise led us to change the direction of the market dynamics: no longer from the manufacturer to the user, but from the user to the manufacturer.

Frigofluid operates in a wide range of industrial production sectors.

Produzione Frigoriferi e refrigeratori industriali Brescia, Frigofluid
Produzione Frigoriferi e refrigeratori industriali Brescia, Frigofluid
Produzione Frigoriferi e refrigeratori industriali Brescia, Frigofluid
  • Production of steel, alloys and semi-finished products
  • Rubber processing, mixers and molding presses
  • Plastics processing, molding, forming, extrusion
  • Die casting and molding of aluminum, brass, zama
  • Ceramic processing
  • Production of waxes
  • Printing machines
  • Hydraulic machinery, tools, presses
  • Electro-erosion machines
  • Galvanic treatments
  • Glues and adhesives
  • Civil and industrial dry cleaning
  • Winemaking
  • Renewable energies
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants

A complete product line
to satisfy all requirements.

Frigofluid systems are present in all production processes requiring heat removal,
dehumidification, temperature control.

Frigofluid production range comprises: :

  • Industrial chillers
  • Industrial refrigerators for process liquids
  • Process liquids dry coolers
  • Process air cooling and dehumidifying units
  • Water-operated temperature control units up to +180 °C
  • Oil-operated temperature control units up to +300 °C
Produzione Frigoriferi e refrigeratori industriali Brescia, Frigofluid
After Sales Service

Frigofluid after sales services:
precise and effective.

Frigofluid is well aware of the importance of after sales technical service. This is why we invest heavily in chiller engineers’ trainining: all our technicians hold an official licence. Care and politeness are also essential features for dealing with our Customers. Our fully equipped mobile repair shops ensure maximum professional results and fast operation. We organize training courses for foreign refrigeration technicians to ensure high-level customer care anywhere in the world.

Produzione Frigoriferi e refrigeratori industriali Brescia, Frigofluid

Frigofluid systems:
temperature under control,
to the tenth of a degree.

Frigofluid approach consists precisely in this: we lend an attentive ear in order to understand the market and the Customer. This attitude has been, and still is now, the true added value of the company and the key, distinguishing feature of its production. Therefore Frigofluid takes its very origin from the deep belief that market dynamics can be modified offering an all-round service to its customers. This comprises flexible and dynamic pre-sales mechanisms that recognize Customers’ requirements and suggest suitable solutions, together with an after-sales technical service which is competent, fast and effective.

frigofluid cooling systems