Company Profile

FRIGOFLUID started its activity as a producer of industrial refrigerators and coolers in 1995, based on the long-term experience previously acquired in the chilling sector by the founding partners. From the very start, the company purpose has been the design and production of increasingly sophisticated and performing solutions which can really give full satisfaction to the most diverse requirements submitted by customers. In this way we also identify in advance the marketplace requirements relating to technologies and applications. Frigofluid therefore operated from the very beginning as an actual consultant and a professional in the industrial chilling sector. Our deep, wide-ranging expertise led us to change the direction of the market dynamics: no longer from the supplier to the user, but from the user to the manufacturer. Standardized serial production, often comfortably planned on company historical data, had well suited market requirements before then, but these solutions failed to meet the new expectations of the marketplace. It was high time to place the Customer at the head, not at the end, of company processes. Frigofluid approach consists precisely in this: we offer an attentive ear in order to understand the market and the Customer rather than following the purposes of company utility. This attitude has been, and still is now, the true added value of the company and the key,  distinguishing feature of its production. Therefore Frigofluid takes its very origin from the deep belief that market dynamics can be modified offering an all-round service to its customers comprising flexible and dynamic pre-sales mechanisms that recognize their requirements and suggest

solutions, together with an after-sales technical service which is competent, effective, fast and available at all times. These founding premises, coupled with the professionalism of our carefully selected team lead to a rapid development of our company and to Frigofluid renown as a manufacturer of technologically innovative equipment. Nowadays, after having produced several thousand units, we can state that our attitude of constantly and carefully listening to the clients and their necessities is the winning factor and the added value of our production. We are now sure that this approach – coupled with high efficiency through low power consumption, total environmental compliance, high product ruggedness and reliability – is what must be guaranteed to the Customer. These assets are the grounds of FRIGOFLUID reputation on the Italian and foreign markets, thanks also to our Patented solution (n°1275794) which innovates the heat extraction systems by enhancing performance and guaranteeing low operation costs.
The Patent confers to our company a strategic position among the most consolidated sector players.
FRIGOFLUID production range comprises:

  • industrial chillers
  • industrial process liquids chillers
  • process liquids air coolers (free coolers)
  • process air cooling and dehumidifying units
  • water-operated temperature control units up to +180 °C
  • oil-operated temperature control units up to +300 °C 
The experience gained allows us to offer an extremely wide range of solutions to satisfy for the most diverse market requirements. The manifold technical achievements attained support FRIGOFLUID determination to pursue the chosen strategy. Always ahead of times, we anticipate marke requirements by keeping always lively and technically updated both our standard product range and the tailor-mad production of dedicated units and/or systems deriving from precise technical requirements. Our valued customer base comprises direct End Users as well as Clients which are in their turn manufacturers of machinery for transformation processes.  FRIGOFLUID takes the utmost care to follow directly the pre-sales and after-sales services, in order to monitor at all times the index of general Customer satisfaction and attain continuous improvement.