Chilling and Thermoregulator Systems

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BT BW BO series Water and oil operated thermoregulators system - Frigofluid


Thermal water regulation units featuring heating powers between 3 and 27 kW.
Available models:
BT": direct cooling up to 120°C.
BW": indirect cooling up to 160°C, self-pressurised.
Series “BO" temperature controlling units employing diathermic oil as heating fluid. Heating powers ranging from 3 kW to 27 kW, up to +300°C temperature set with special device to protect the diathermic oil’s characteristics and magnetic pump.
These units are designed for connection to closed-circuit chilling systems and allow to save on expenses for water consumption. The water temperature is adjusted by means of a microprocessor with PID control. Connection of the unit may be made by means of a serial interface.